Updated Checklist!

Hi, everyone.

I decided the excellent checklists made by Harry in the old thread could use an upgrade for Global, so I decided I’d create a new one, for all aircraft. I may go back in and make a revised version for the aircraft that have APPR capabilities. I may also go back and add in LNAV once Global is released.

Here’s the image version, but I also have it in a PDF format if anyone wants it. Please feel free to PM me if you do.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations on how I can improve these in the future!

Also, I hope it’s okay if I can use the Infinite Flight logo?


Strobe lights have to be off,you turn on before entering or crossing a runway.


No gear up on climb out. As @MarcelloM said strobes on when entering the runway, that goes for landing lights as well. Landing lights off at 10,000MSL. Not sure why you have brakes set on approach.
Then where is the GA check list?


I’ll work on GA shortly. End of the school year, so final exams are coming up.

What about engine start too?

It seems that you never turn on the NAV light here…

I edited that in after he suggested it. He was fine.

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Landings lights on for taxi just strobes off

I think it pretty done master checklist .job well done man

Landing lights go on, on the runway taxi lights go on on the taxiway.

There is nothing like taxi lights in IF

In IF we use runway lights for taxing as well, since this is a IF checklist it needs to be turned on.

Yea and they don’t work as either your point?

My point is that runway lights can be used as taxi in IF, so I think it should be included in the checklist for the landing lights to be turned on during taxi. Do you get it?

Maybe he can put (Lndg/Taxi Lts)

I am pretty sure that NAV lights are allways on, even at the gate. On the pre-start I think you shouldn’t be able to test the spoilers until the engines are on so that one should be at the bottom of the list, and on the parking/shutdown the NAV stays on and the Beacon goes off. You turn the Beacon on when you’re about to pushback, move or are moving the aircraft.

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Beacons also go on when engines are on

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