Updated B777 Review

Review of the B777 hopefully some may find this interesting,
thanks :)


Well since the A350 and the 777 are both the best, I can’t say which one will be better. And I think they will postpone the 777 rework due to the coronavirus :(

I don’t really see the purpose of this video… the 777 has not been released or even confirmed to be in Beta testing. You are reviewing an incomplete product. Everything in the video has been posted over and over in the Boeing 777 Rework Development Thread


I thought it got updated :-0


Wait… where is the gear tilt?

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The rework isn’t done.


I am quite unsure of what you mean by, “review.” The aircraft is not released, we only have pictures and videos of the update. You can not review an aircraft based off only pictures, you must have experienced flying the aircraft for yourself.

Guys c’mon, I don’t want to seem like a little corny person, but he made a YouTube video with his thought on everything released so far, it probably took hours to make and everyone is just telling him how useless the video is.

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yeah, i’m really sad now ;(

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Keep up the videos, they’ll come around 🤛

thanks bro 🔥

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Yes, I do agree with you.

The problem is, we can’t have reviews on something unreleased. That’s why lot’s of people ripped into him.

We can have our thoughts though and what we think of the things that are released

Yes, we do. I agree.

Good video man. Ignore cranky people and keep em coming

cheers much appreciated 👍🔥