Updated ATC messages

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I was just thinking that new announcements for ATC - Pilot communications are in order, for example… BAW1298 (Speedbird 1298) behind traffic on departure, line up and wait runway 27L, QF298 (Qantas 298) behind the traffic on Arrival descend and maintain FL080 hold speed at or below 210knts, cleared to land Rwy 24R.

The announcements above are for both Expert and Training server.

Expert Server only

Attention all aircraft, current airspace/frequency is busy… Transmit essential, messages only, NOTAMS will be enforced by 2 warnings and then ghosting, Thank you happy flying.
THY532 pushback approved, contact Istanbul ground on 192.1 on the taxiway. (192.1 is an example, NOT a frequency )
QF1356 warning 1, decrease your holding speed to 225knts below FL180, fly assigned holding pattern until at or below FL090, contact tower at FL070, Arrival runways are 34R and 16L, Departure runways are 34L and 16R.
SQ1009, warning 2: sending that you’re disregarding ATC message results in ghosting and bad recommendation to ESATC.

ESATC - Expert Server Air Traffic Control

THY - ICAO for Turkish Airlines
QF - IATA for Qantas
SQ - IATA for Singapore Airlines
BAW ( Speedbird) - BAW is the IATA code and Speedbird is the ATC callsign.
I imagine that announcements will change will the incoming arrival of LNAV and VNAV.

Do you recognise these runways and do you know which airport that they’re located at?

I would really like this, more detail for ATC messages.

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This message is also displayed!

Currently I do not think tis is gonna be essential but maybe in a future, IFATC and devs can implement this short of features!


If this is added, the realism would be insane, especially for expert server.

Well, the examples above can mostly be given in separate commands already. It just speeds up replying to pilot requests. As for the frequency numbers… You can already find them in the frequency list, so I’m not sure about them. For sure more detailed messages would be appreciated but would take time to learn.

Warnings can already be given and NOTAMs are often enforced by ghosts as described on the NOTAM details. Giving two warnings at busy airports will just be too much for ATC to handle - the current system of warnings and ghosting for not following instructions is fine.

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I can see your idea, especially the pushback approved and contact tower prompt. The only trouble with this, is having the system work out what frequency is what and what is in use. Especially if there are multiple active Tower frequencies.

Also to note that Expert server (for warnings) is Expert for a reason, and we try to keep it that way, by giving reports for the users to learn from their mistakes during their time off the server ;)

The warnings I can see from a pilot’s perspective to not be reported. But in the reporting tab and misc messages of IFATC, they have the standard commands from ‘please follow instructions or you will be reported’ to ‘please wait for clearance before taxiing and taking off!’, as well as ‘maintain safe distance with aircraft ahead please’, and many more… We already have the basics of warnings needed.

Both in the shoes of a developer and controller, adding a warning system in the ATC messages both would just take a toll on the frequency, pilot, and easily waste precious time for the controller. They will give reports for a reason, and the same with warnings. They’ll only give a full explanation to your warnings/reports via here, the IFC privately. Not on a live frequency.

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Would really like to see “expedite descent” for radar controllers, often planes are too high too close, if they understand they need to expedite the descent it would help immensely.

There’s already “please expedite altitude change” for radar controllers.


Ah yeah I do more tower than radar these days.