Updated ATC menu while playing as ATC

so we all know after a recent update for atc the planes atc menu looks like thisatc%20plane

this is very useful because you are able to see all the requests quicker and it helps organize it a ton making communications smoother.

However, while playing as ATC you still use this menu


this for some people like me makes people scroll through the menu trying to find something that someone needs to say to an aircraft like if they need to hold postion or they need to say someting else, wasting valuable time as other aircraft on the frequency may be requesting things and you cant delay to much time looking for the correct button for the aircraft your on, thats why I suggest making a small change to update the ATC’s menu to look more like the pilots atc menu, this may make it easier to navigate and make communcations faster.

Good point, I hate having to click Mis. Message and the. Scroll down to the message I’m lookin for. And sometimes I can’t find it and I will take me a minute.


And you don’t think you would have to do that with the button interface? For this to work, the buttons have to be a certain size. And with the amount of various messages there can be in some sub-categories, you would have to scroll then too… (unless you want really tiny buttons…)


I’m referring to like PFI message that one should be a big giant that you can click without having to scroll to get to it. But that does make sense, didn’t really think about it like that. Cause there are like 100 messages you can choose from.

oh ye rip… didn’t really think about how there were so mant messages there, you would probably still have to scroll but maybe the messages would sitll be easier to find

The ATC communications menu may have remained the same as a lot of IFATC would probably be used to this layout.