Updated A330 stalling and crashing 30 mins into the flight.

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Today i flew twice with the updated A330, and i crashed in both flights. I checked it in replay mode because i was not home when it happened.(btw Thanks devs for creating that). I took off perfectly fine, is set the autopilot for Mach 0.84 and an altitude of FL400. I set the NAV from JFK to Amsterdam via the North pole. I crashed about 35-40 minutes into the flight. But the replay showed that the plane was still accelerating to mach 1, even after reaching and maintaining FL400. This eventually caused the plane to pull up, but since the AP was set for 40.000 ft, it pulled back on the thrust lever and slowly stalled down. This costed me 3 violations and i was ghosted, what’s even more frustating is that was my first day of being back on IF Pro after months.

I understand that it’s only 1 day since v19.1 launched, that’s why i don’t blame the devs for it since they’re already working really hard as is

I hope i’m not the only one who had this happen to them.

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Step climbing? You may be too heavy to climb to the altitude you had set it to.

Chris will more than likely link the stepclimbing tutorial momentarily ;)


With the redesigned flight physics more care needs to be taken when climbing to cruise. Currently replay does not show what AP was set to. In addition your weight will play a huge factor into your climbing profile.

The only advice right now is to not leave the device until you are settles in at cruise.


I would not put a 333 at FL 40

That happened to me yesterday

It can go up there, just not with 100T of payload

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This was something that I noticed earlier… The a330 is not able to climb straight up to such a high altitude when heavy. Anything above 34,000ft on the first phase of the step climb is a bit silly… In real life, long range aircraft can crawl up to cruise altitude, or sometimes only finish the climb hours into the flight.

Don’t try climb straight up, it ain’t gonna work chief. You need to step climb 🙃


It was already on fl400 but it kept increasing speed. Was i perhaps too heavy for such a high altitude?

When i turn on the Altitude AP after takeoff i set it to around 3000 ft/m but at around 18.000 ft i reduce it to around 1200 ft/m so i dont burn too much fuel

When you stopped to push back, did you press the stop pushback, or did you just power up the engines to counter the pushback? If so, that is a glitch that schyllberg outlined a Couple weeks ago.

I just used stop pushback button

@Airwolf I did yesterday but I stepped climb and monitored every thing that happened it was overall really smooth better than being at 33,000feet where the winds where so bad I so went to 40,000 feet which I had turned to then evens number is altitudes (altitude rule) and it was overrall smoother than 33,000

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To be honest I’ve never cruised at FL 40 I. Any plane. I am kind of scared. But then again I do not do many long ha flights. I usually cruise around FL 36 in a 330 or 777

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M 0.84 is too fast in a 330.
M 0.80-81 is the correct speed.
If you are heavy (just below MTOW) I recommend a slow climb 1300-1500 vs to FL320/330. Then after 3-4 hours 500 vs to FL350/360 on a long haul.

you’re too heavy and too fast, you have to step climb, irl they climb up to FL360 or FL350 and stay there almost up to the mid flight duration and then climb to FL380 or FL370 and stay level there until almost near the final few hours of the flight only then they climb up to FL390 or FL400,. also you’re heading east so you’re not supposed to be at FL400, your max altitude should be FL390 or FL410 take a look at the real flights here’s delta flights from JFK to AMS

its actually mach 0.82 but yeah at much higher altitudes such as FL400 its better to reduce speed to mach 0.80

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irl the A333 climbs up to FL410 its all about step climb calculations, same with 747s 777s


i am currently doing a flight from Bangkok to Seoul A333, 3 hours into the flight 2 hours left, my current max load is 40%, speed at mach 0.80, 30% positive trim. cruising at FL410

live track:

No prob to climb to FL410 when you are light. What’s your N1 at?

It’s all about fuel economy irl. During testing of the reworked 330 we had discussions about cruise altitude, N1, climb, power, fuelburn etc.

Irl optimum cruise speed is actually M 0.79-80

N1 99% green. engine one and two both are at 98% speed at mach 0.80 and again trim at 30% (trim is very important) winds at 122 kts coming from west,.

my max load now is 39% 173,656kg which is below MLW

this should provide an idea how much weight the a333 can handle at FL410/FL400 and at what speed,.

its fair to say that the 777s do better in comparison

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Not realistic with N1 at 99% at cruise alt. You are burning way too much fuel.
Not a big prob since you are doing a relatively short flight.
I know all about trim, thanks.