Updated 737 Cockpit Hole?

The issue I see

Hey guys, With the new view in the amazing, updated 737, I possibly found an issue with the nose view of the 738 . Although I’m not a 100% certain, Im pretty convinced that there is a narrow hole that you can see the ground through. From the camera position on the nose, I don’t think you can see through the glass and cockpit to see the ground. If you are speculating that it’s an issue with my device, well no, I tried lots of possible solutions and all didn’t work. I didn’t see any other topics in the about this so I don’t think it’s a duplicate.

If you look carefully in the area circled in red, through the windshield wipers, you can see ground.

Here’s another view in the air. Again, look carefully through the windshield wiper area and you can see the terrain below.


Hmm, maybe this could an issue over sighted during the development phase. Hopefully, a MOD can pass this issue to the DEVS and it could get sorted in the next patch/update. For now, looks like we’ll just have to live with it.


This is most likely something that’s been there since the 737 was first release, but we didn’t have this camera view then.

Will most likely be addressed when the aircraft is fully reworked from the ground up.


Are you hinting a full rework in the near future

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Let’s not speculate here! A 737 Rework will happen, albeit far in the future. The same could be said for literally any other aircraft in Infinite Flight.

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Yeah I guess so

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