Ok i know the developers are dpaenting a lot of man hours doing the 787 but can they a least make one more aircraft free or make it cheaper by like 10 cent or something but anyways the update was quite good and the freecam is easier then expected and i hope that the free planes in the game can be reworked anyways after all we still paid for the game so i hope the developers will probably rework some of the free planes

You go make a very very nice update with 4K textures, and this is there job.


Infinite Flight needs the money that they can make more high quality aircraft, the workers don’t work for free. So, from you I’m guessing you don’t want more high quality aircraft? It also takes a lot of time to code the aircraft too. If you want it free, make it yourself.

check out the announcment section which advises WHY FDS has charged for the new aircraft. All this work isn’t done for free, someone has to pay for it along the way!

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The 787-900 is paid???!! But it was free before 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

The FDS team worked very hard to create this update even if it does have some minor bugs you should appreciate the amount of work they put in to make IF better.

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Check out the topic called “a word about the 787 update”

Is it really such a big deal that it costs 4,99? Wht don’t you get like Live+ and get these updates free?

Worth checking out the Big Mac Index if you are worried about the cost of things!

The way I look at it is that a Big Mac is worth about £5.00 so what would you rather have a Big Mac or a B787…?


Yeah, the FDS team has just spent thousands of man hours developing the 787 so you could enjoy it on your device, then you complain that it costs $5… I don’t mean to be rude, but please show at least a hint of respect to the amazing things they have done. $5 is NOTHING for that plane.


Actually I got the new update, and I already paid for the 787]'s yesterday and reupdated the game and all I had to do was update the 787’s in the game. They did not recharge me.