First of all, I want to ask if have you ever made a game or mobile game? Because we all know the staff are working hard to make best quality Flight Simulator for Mobile. Yes, maybe there are taxi lights and clouds and other features in other mobile simulators but have you ever think that those products are not good enough? Look at IF aircraft which the graphics, wingflex, working instruments, gear tilt and other features that are best product. Besides, IF staff are limited (I think 10 - 12 people) and we still have the best quality product. I’m a commercial avgeek but still I’m happy with the Xcub update to try and explore the new product. I enjoy the flying Xcub even I’m still learning to master it. I enjoy in IF more than other products to be honest.

no livery, I must admit that I am not very excited about this update. the Xcub is beautiful but again … No other livery ( the B742) Maybe IF will make an update just for aircraft livery?!

Contrails and clouds etc etc! Takes TIME!
Modeling, texturing, coding, testing takes TIME

You have been waiting for that. Not many others have. But many others have been waiting for us to improve the variety of the fleet and add more General Aviation aircraft.


Guys…let’s not argue his points back to him… everyone has there own opinion in life… and oh well… if he thinks that way let him be!

Personally I’m amazed by this Xcub!!

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The IF team can only do so much!

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I really like that livery I went on that plane before

Just pay for the current product, not for future promises

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Here’s the thing:

We are always up for a healthy, constructive discussion about various features, how & why we add them.

But if it’s all gonna be “I didn’t get what i want!!!” - well, the discussions are pointless.


Wow relax dude. And for the livery they said they’re working on it.

He’s using Google translate, it might not be his words


This words comes from the translate guys I am sorry 😐

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We could, but we won’t as we do not have any interest in adding a feature that doesn’t uphold the standards of our current development process.


You forgot, Best quality = more time. Best quality = attracts more people :-)


IF want to improve their quality.

Yeah but best quality don’t work in all devices … Look back in the a330 update with the livery’s … so much people’s posting „ it’s lagging „

No point in continuing this is if everything is just going to be about that you didn’t get what you wanted. Even though we announced quite far ahead what this update would include, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise…