When there is update the users need to confirm or have it is manually?

It depends whether you had automatic updates on or off in the Play or App Store.

Updates are automatic or manual.

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When there is a larger update for the app, like a new aircraft being added, you will see an option in the App Store to update it which is manual. Sometimes the app will automatically download smaller things that don’t require a full update (airport information that is added by the airport editors for example) which does not require your consent and is automatic.

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Its depends on how you set it up on your android play store. But if you are using emulator. You might need to look at the update page manually unless your bluestock updates automatically

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Until today it was always automatic but I was in doubt because this happened, now I understand and I can rest easy.
thank you.

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Just look out for a topic about a new update 👀. them you’ll know to update the app.

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