Hey just wondering when they will be coming out with new aircrafts like the B787 Dreamliner or the A350… When is the new update scheduled to be?

No one knows.


Nobody knows except the devs themselves…and even they don’t know. The upcoming update could have been out 3 days ago but a bug stopped it…(just an example)


They never will as long as they always have to answer questions like this 💩

Devs has stated that the Boeing 787 is a couple updates away but is high on the priority list. No word on the A350.

Only thing you can count on in is the Dash 8.

No schedule for updates. Any update for that matter

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It’s not his photo :) The one above has “doritos” and Henrik has bent wing tips… Forgot the real name.

I want the dash 8 so bad😂

The next update will occur in less than one year.

My guess is before 2020 but that’s just my bet. :)

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I am hoping in 1-3 months