Update: WOW Air Holds Off On Passenger Flights; Plans To Only Transport Fish & Cargo For Now

Several attempts have been made to resurrect dead airlines, none successful though. Pan Am itself was attempted more than once I believe.

The key to sucessfully running an airline: Get people with a masters or a PhD in economic advisory and you’ll be up in no time. The reason I say this is because people who understand economics at high degrees tend to distribute funds accordingly, efficiently and accurately based on the airline’s needs and sometimes its wants. By getting experienced and/or smart people in economics you’ll have a very successful airline as you progress into your stages as pretty much everything costs money to run a sucessful airline.


Let’s hope economic advisors help WOW stay up for a bit, would love to see more of this airline! 😄

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DJ’s aviation uploaded a video about this! Make sure to check it out:


I really hope Wow Air can survive, nobody likes to see an airline go under!

Here’s the question when is it good for an airline to come back? I mean obviously I think in principle we all like it, but this one in particular could spell trouble for other airlines, let’s look at Norwegian for example, between some financial issues, the 737M problems, etc, they are in a rough patch to say the least, and another competitor in the low cost transatlantic market could spell trouble, or even death for them. Sure it’s good, but not every airline is sustainable, some things need to go to make room for others sometimes, I do love there livery though, I hope they keep that…

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Ya, I mean the US does have a stable composition, but should one of them go down the other two would be all to happy to scoop up there passengers. The industry will for the foreseeable future be like it is now, environmental changes will be gradual at best for better or for worse, and even after that it will still be an industry with big business, which will be all to willing to do anything they can to sink there competition…

Those are fairly isolated ways of measuring it though, for example France is almost entirely Delta, because they have a big deal with Air France, same situation in the U.K. with American, Delta in Japan, United controls Houston, American Dallas, Delta Atlanta, these airlines have there own “turf” and once an airline launches a flight it’s unlikely another one will try to complete unless they have some sort of other reason. The US market is extremely stable, so it is honestly hardly related to my first point. One airline coming back can have detrimental effects for another, there will always be this kind of push and shove dynamic in any major industry. There is only room for so many flights…

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There’s the difference though, this time around.

Note that they plan on operating a mix fleet of Airbus and Boeing, most likely due to the MAX groundings to avoid any possible harm to its schedule. Icelandair definitely will not be happy, and this is obviously going to affect the transatlantic market by plunging fares.

It’s the other way around, I’m pretty sure.

American has the largest presence in the domestic market, while Delta and United definitely have a larger outreach in international routes.

Saying you personally don’t see AA or DL at Springfield or Casper is not a good example. That’s only two out of 100+ airports in the United States.

If we were to really look at SGF in detail:
AA: Serves SGF from CLT, DFW, and ORD
UA: Serves SGF from ORD, IAH, and DEN.

Let’s take Friday’s flights.


  • DFW-SGF: 7 Flights
  • CLT-SGF: 4 Flights
  • ORD-SGF: 5 Flights

Total: 16 Flights


  • ORD-SGF: 5 Flights
  • DEN-SGF: 4 Flights
  • IAH-SGF: 2 Flights

Total: 11 Flights

So, American overall has more flights a day to SGF than United.

Now, on the international side, United and Delta definitely have a much larger network compared to American.

Just to name a few that DL and UA serve that are served almost exclusively or exclusively by them…


  • Manila, Malaga, Ponta Delgada, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Lagos, Johannesburg, Accra, Nagoya, Mumbai, Osaka, and more.


  • Singapore, Palermo, Cape Town, Chengdu, Geneva, Glasgow, Guam (+ island hopper service to Chuuk, Honolulu, Majuro, Saipan, Osaka, Nagoya, Yap, Fukuoka, and more), Melbourne, New Delhi, Stockholm and more.
  • United even served Hangzhou and Xi’An in previous years, of all places…

The two airlines already have an enormous international presence compared to American.
It’s true, American has been playing the international game lately with additions to Reykjavik, Berlin, Dubrovnik, Casablanca, Krakow, BUD/PRG, and more.

Basically, you can’t just look at just two airports and say which airline is larger domestically.

Statistically, I’m pretty sure, American has the least amount of seats internationally compared to Delta and United.


Yay x20 yayay

https://wowair.com/ They removed the warning


Northwest? I’d love to see them return.

Oh boy! I would love to see those purple planes in the air again! Hopefully they succeed this time

“While the team at Washington Dulles International Airport held an initial meeting in August with Ms. Ballarin and her associates regarding the process for establishing air service at Dulles, there are currently no flights scheduled with WOW Airlines out of Dulles International and no new air service to announce,”

Currently nearing mid-October… doubt they’d relaunch flights so soon without sales in advance.


There it is, WOW 2.0 is delayed until December.

“Wow Air intends to be fully operational in December with ticket sales hitting the market in November. Significant market adjustments have taken place since the announcement of the re-launch of Wow Air. This contraction of air carriers has provided an increase in aircraft inventory previously not available in the late summer. Wow Air will take this opportunity to acquire and reconfigure our launch aircraft in the best interests of our customers and shareholders.”

Of all times, December may be the worst season to launch…


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WOW Air will begin transporting fish and other goods before passengers.

  • After scheduled flights were set to begin this October, but operations were delayed by two months, WOW Air has now switched to offering cargo services only.

The airline will initially focus on cargo transport rather than passenger transport. Operations will begin with two planes transporting fish and other goods, and will expand based on demand. The airline aims to eventually offer regular passenger flights to mainland Europe.


  • The airline’s first flights will transport cargo between Keflavík and Washington
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Oh great, sounds like a solid business plan.
Seems like an April fools day Anet idea, not a serious proposal.

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