Update: WOW Air Holds Off On Passenger Flights; Plans To Only Transport Fish & Cargo For Now

Updated Information:

As the shark from Nemo once said,

Fish are friends, not food.

WOW Air will begin transporting fish and other goods before passengers.

  • After scheduled flights were set to begin this October, but operations were delayed by two months, WOW Air has now switched to offering cargo services only.

The airline will initially focus on cargo transport rather than passenger transport. Operations will begin with two planes transporting fish and other goods, and will expand based on demand. The airline aims to eventually offer regular passenger flights to mainland Europe.


  • The airline’s first flights will transport cargo between Keflavík and Washington


We’ve got another round of news surrounding a possible return of WOW Air after its collapse this past March…

Key Points:

  • USAerospace Associates LLC bought the remains of the airline.
  • Inaugural flight will be between Reykjavik (KEF) and Washington (IAD).
  • They will have 2 unnamed aircraft to start, they’ll add 4 next year, and will have up to 10-12.
  • Mix of Boeing/Airbus aircraft.
  • Plans to focus on cargo as well, specifically Icelandic fish exports.
  • They want to have a lounge at KEF and use biometrics to speed up boarding.
  • They claim the brand isn’t damaged.



But how!?!?!?


I guess this is how

This will be a good Avtalk conversation… they talked about dead airlines a couple weeks ago!

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Eastern has… twice


I have heard the There is a possibility that WOW Air May return in service. But who knows how will their career expand then.

If only Pan Am or TWA would come back


Wow, its like someone dies 4 months ago, and then is back from the dead!

Lets see how it goes…

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It worked!


Okay that’s funny 😂



Onemileatatime coverage

Quotes from Ballarin:

  • I’m also focused exclusively on my desk with bringing better nutrition back onboard aircraft. We want to make flying fun again for the flying public. For those of us who spend a lot of time in the air flying is a challenge because of security requirements to make sure the flying public is safe. But making flying fun again is something that’s going to be important to us not only to enhance the customer’s experience onboard but to be able to bring better nutrition onboard as well. We have a three star Michelin chef who is working very closely with us for the last two years to develop good nutrition onboard options.

  • I have requested to be able to have a passenger lounge for everybody flying on the aircraft. As I see it, the experience of flying is such that when you have a six hour flight it’s always a bit of a challenge if you come into a busy airport and are standing in a hallway for an hour or two in between flights. So knowing that from the economic model rows seven to the back of the aircraft really do pay for a lounge that is used by a handful of people that is privileged enough to fly in first and business class. We want to bring a lounge experience to everybody who flies onboard WOW. It’s a very innovative thought, but one that I think is long overdue.

  • Invested 85 million USD.

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Oh man Icelandair must be MAD




I don’t know, I just found this article from one mile at a time saying the relaunch was canceled

So we’ll just have to wait and see what plays out in October

EDIT: Appears another startup Airline will be interested in purchasing the assets and restarting WOW

Yes, it was rumored WOW would re-launch as “WAB” = We Are Back.

However, note the date of that article. July 31st. Over a month ago.

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I think same one, here’s an article from them:


This is in the second paragraph:
Several weeks ago it was reported that this deal was called off over failure to make payments on time.Well, I guess they figured that out, and the deal has happened.

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just a joke, obviously don’t really do CPR on an airplane, but if you do, pretty please send me a video, I’d love to see how you work that…


Eastern kinda is

Lol. Wow sir was an amazing experience and their puns are amazing.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out! XD
You don’t see these type of things very often XD