Update won’t load

I’m on 21.4 still and I did a restart and it still doesn’t work

Are you referring to the 21.4 hotfix?

Just the update

Well if you are on update 21.4 that is the latest update which includes the A333 just for reference. 21.5 is still in the works.

Oh but I updated it in the App Store and it says it’s out?

Can you send a screenshot? You may be getting the hotfix and 21.5 mixed up. 21.5 has not been released publicly at this time.

Sure I will

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Oh wait it’s 21.4 my bad but it’s not like showing the new stuff up tho

Like the Boston 3D airport

That’s because that is a specific airport coming in the 21.5 update

That is supposed to come in 21.5

Oh so it’s not released??

Not at this time, no. You generally will not see new content on a hotfix version that’s pushed. It’s main purpose is to address issue(s) with the last real content update like V21.4 for example

All that was fixed in the recent hotfix update was

  • Strobe light pattern on A330-300
  • Replay loading issue

Just a minor hotfix as mentioned in the release notes.