Update while flying

This is a goo thing to talk about because simply I don’t now what would happen. So i want to know please tell me your thoughts.

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What do you mean? The app can’t update while you’re using it if that’s what you’re referring to.


So say if the developers decide to release an update and people start spawning in say in a a350 what would happen?

Each plane has a “default” view for lack of a better word. This scenario happens when one operating system gets an update before others. For example, when the CRJ-700 came out, if you did not have the updated app, a pilot who did have the update showed as a CRJ-200.


Oh ok thanks that was what i was looking for thanks for the help.


Glad we could help out.


Slightly diffrent what if it was an airport update? Would your stuff update mid flight? Ir could you look like an idiot becuais what is a taxi way for you may nit be fir someone elase?


Thats a good question. I assume it all depends on when the airport is obtained from the server. If you were still inbound and the airport hasnt been fetched yet I would think in theory the latest would show up.

That is above my security clearance to someone who is actually pushing the buttons.


For me they just didn’t appear

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