Update, weather and clouds?

hi everyone,
I downloaded the update of IF and corrected the problem I had when I was in an airport and could not see anything but pure lines for which I say thank you, but I wanted to ask a question in this forum, maybe many people what ask him, why the development of the updates does not include view of the airplanes and airports at night, or effects of weather or clouds as handled by other gaming platforms for iOS or Android, or improve the airports by adding 3D images that would give more realistic to the game, and I think that with the payment of 10 dollars per month for more than 20k users we should have a little more, I think the game is quite good but these details lower the expectations of the users … I hope not be censored

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Clouds are currently in development. 3D buildings will take awhile since it’s hard for mobile devices to run these kinds of graphics. Hope this answers your question!

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Its great to hear your thoughts on features like this. The best way for you to voice your opinion/thoughts is through voting on the #features threads for these specific features you mentioned.

Here are just a few of your mentioned features.

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People always talking about wanting more for 10 dollars a month but what other Mobile flight sim gives you live ATC, GLOBAL scenery and AND multiplayer for you to enjoy all at once. The goal for most flight simmers is immersion so of course wanting clouds, buildings, lighting etc is natural but you have to realize the limitations of mobile platform and the limited human resource they’re working with. In addition there’s hundreds of features requested and you think they’ll just magically appear? Maybe you haven’t been around long enough to see the growth but I have and I know the Infinite Flight team is dedicated to bringing the community what we want when it is possible for them to do so.

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