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Hello everyone. This really isnt a feature request but rather just a question for the board. Has there been anything said about weather or atmospheric improvements since the announcement of project metal? Is project metal still a work in progress of have the developers moved on to more A/C updates?

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Project metal is an ongoing project I believe.

As @AviatorRyan stated. Project Metal is a continuous update and rework of the code. So it is not a “one and done”, but rather a long ongoing update.

Luckily, with this continuous work being done, it opens up the possibility to what we see today such as buildings and 2D clouds and so much more.

So hopefully over time, you will see/hear confirmation of weather and atmospheric work being done.


Ive noticed small improvements but wondered if it would lead into more realistic weather with precipitation and cloud layering. Good to see metal is still going on and the improvements that come with it!

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