Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)





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Not really an update as both of these liveries have been confirmed already, but… enjoy the “Banana” and “Mint to Be” as shared on @infiniteflight Instagram page. Go hit that FOLLOW button if you’re not already doing so for the latest photos and sneak peaks. 📷


Go check out Friday Night Flight for today. Looks like it’s going to be a great event. Enjoy this sweet looking Iberia (Air Nostrum) on the CRJ1000 for this weeks FNF image.



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Frontier A321- Virginia the Wolf

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IF Instagram Post

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Wow! Look at Mt. Fuji. Sure is a beaut… Oh but I guess the J-Air CRJ200 is the real center of attention. 😜 Enjoy!

Courtesy of Infinite Flight Instagram


Ooooh been waiting for this one! American 🦅 CRJ-900 - Bring on the CRJ update! Check out this weeks FNF: Friday Night Flight - Texas Round Up @ KDFW - 091830ZMAR18

Friday Night Flight - Texas Round Up @ KDFW - 091830ZMAR18


Work on the CRJ is back underway! How about this shot of the Frontier CRJ-700 enroute from Miami to South Bimini. Quite lovely scenery of the Bahama’s, don’t you think? This was shared on Laura’s instagram. Link to her post is below.

Infinite Flight Next Update!

Enjoy this beautiful shot of the CRJ200 Infinite Livery. Probably one of the sharpest looking liveries we have available to us.

Infinite Flight Instagram Source


Oooh 😯 Look how purdy this birdy is. CRJ700 British Airways

Courtesy of Infinite Flight Instagram