Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Ugh these regionals 😍. Gonna find so many cool new routes.


Like when Laura flew a CRJ from KSAN to PHNL…

I’ll have to try that one! 😉😂


Make sure to use the CRJ-200 :)


Looks like this is getting better and better! 😏

Don’t get your hopes up that you will get your liveries though. Just a friendly reminder.


My dream has come true! Thank you FDS <3


Not to sure if this means much, but looking at the hashtag, I think the update went into beta testing yesterday!

This is the first photo with that hashtag in it


It’s been in beta for a while now.


My va is happy to head the crj air Canada livery is coming.and just the fact at how beautiful it is makes me happy.


Dang! It looks awesome , thank you FDS!


Can’t wait!!
Nice to see the leaps&bounds FDS has made :-)


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Problems with Aircraft Tracking thread that I'd like to address

That didn’t last long. Looks like we know the future of tracking threads now… 🤷🏼‍♂️

Problems with Aircraft Tracking thread that I'd like to address
Problems with Aircraft Tracking thread that I'd like to address

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The Air Canada looks very nice! Loving the black mask on it!


I know right, I love the mask in the cockpit.


Hats off to the dev team for this amazing update! You guys give us all we have ever wanted, and you never stop doing so! Its time for us to give back by behaving on this thread, and appreciating, not criticizing!


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Hi I don’t want to speak down this great news, but Lufthansa just released, that they will change the colour of the blue at the tail fin, because landings in Hong Kong and New York just shown that the current blue they introduced is to dark and now they will look for a more blue colour.
Unfortunately I can’t find an english source at the moment :/


Wait till Misha wakes up and sees all of the flags and mini-modding 🙃

One of my favs so far ❤️