Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Jheeez, keep it coming with the liveries! Great work and looks really yellow I love it!


From Laura’s instagram. Looks like there’s no more gray bar where the ATC messages are. :)


Lots of new nice liveries! Would be good to see some British/European additions also!


WOO! The flying banana makes it’s first IF appearance!


Damn you people are really attentive to detail 😉


Just remember what you see now, may not always be in the final release. Not saying that what you are seeing is something new or a bug, but something to keep in mind. 🙂


Well, it would be a shame to miss something. It’s always nice to double
check pictures ;)


Not sure if I should puke at the NKS livery or hug it. I hate it and love it equally. It’s the only livery other than Southwest’s Canyon Blue that makes me scrunch my nose and groan in disgust while simultaneously hoping I get that livery while I’m flying.

Great work FDS on adding some A321 liveries.


Nice. Pretty beneficial for screenshots if you ask me. But the downside is, a black bar gets more attention.


Robert buttering FDS Up so that Frontier A321 gets added 🤤


For all of you complaining about the Spirit livery, there is science behind the yellow on the plane. The color yellow triggers a part of the brain, which makes it think of yellow as ‘cheap’.


It literally is a flying school bus.


I never said it looked nice, I just said there was a reason for the yellow…let’s get back on topic before the mods close this again.


It’s supposed to look like a sketch.


Oh I know, I was comparing being on Spirit to being on a school bus. It’s the same experience, yellow and everything.


Especially the legroom.


Because they’re too cheap to pay for paint. Instead, they just use a giant Sharpie. :)


Okay, I’m sure all of you guys can talk about this off topic stuff somewhere else… just not in this thread.


I’m glad they’re adding the unpopular ones too!
Japanes liveries still has chance!!!


I’d say this update is gona be the biggest update in IF ever!! Who thinks it is aswell?