Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Yass, my new favorite livery.


Looks cool. Don’t think I will be flying it much though, that yellow is a wee too much.


It’s so ugly it actually looks good. Like a bull terrier. Pretty cool.


I wonder if Janice is on that flight…

jk this looks really great! I’ll be flying this for sure


Omg yass! Whohoo amazing! Outstanding! All I need now is the Allegiant Air A320 and i think I will die!


I feel like it’d be better if the text was moved forward, instead of right in the middle.


Well it’s not too bad but not too good.


@AllegiantAir Let’s not “request” liveries ;)


Lately, FDS has been knocking out all the most wanted liveries from the feature category! I’m liking these movements. :)


Not complaining at all but why so many A321 new liveries… What about the A319/20?


It all depends on what they feel on adding :)


Maybe that’s the only livery I am not excited about…


There’s currently only 1 American Airline on the A321. Since the majority of the forums are American, they’re catering to what the majority wants


The Spirit A321 had 6 votes I think plz no hurt so it wasn’t a top one.


At last the yellow highlighter is here.


Going to do flights from FLL, where Spirit is based at (I think) with the A321. Looks awesome btw :)


Now that is one hideous plane! I’m glad that FDS added it though seeing as it had quite a lot of support.


It is pretty hideous, though it shows the progress our lovely devs are making.


@Swiss is really gonna like the new Spirit livery XD


Love the progress there making!!!