Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


The post I had above was already shown to be the Qantas B738


Also, from the latest video posted with the new ATC, would you say the shadows are done on the CRJ or not?


I would say they are complete


Lets not throw speculations out there.


What’s the difference between the CRJ-200, 700, 900, and 1000 standard version, ER, and LR versions of each? Which version are we getting?


Their size? Google it! You’ll have a better understanding of looking and reading up on it yourself, rather than people feeding you the answer.


200/700/900/1000 - from shortest in length to longest and obviously their passenger capacity.

ER - Extended Range
LR - Long Range


ER actually stands for Extended range


Once again, these are questions that can be answered by a simple Google search. Let’s not forget the purpose of this thread.


Come on guys, I know this is a place where you guys like to chat about the update, but you’re asking questions that really can be answered by a simple Google search. So let’s just keep our questions to ourselves and Google it! You’ll find better answers on the internet than from here!


When this update comes out, it will be amazing. I love all of the updates and the time rendered with the work put in . Especially the small details such as the new voice ATC ! FDS has done such an amazing job with global . Cultivating it, improvising it and constantly making the ultimate flight simulator in the touch of the hands . A work of art ! I have to give my hats off to the developers and founders because they work hard on this daily!


I believe the ATC voice is dependent on your device. For example, when I wanted to change the ATC voice, I went to my settings and changed it there.


Pls go talk about that somewhere else please limit the chat here to a minimum or at least till we get another update


Just flag folks! 5-10 people complaining about laziness and off-topic posts just clogs the thread. Don’t force our hands here.

Please and thanks 🙏


Now THIS is something I wanted to see. Spirit Airbus A321, confirmed! (Can’t wait to do flights out of LGA with this!)


YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSS now it gets better


This update is just getting better and better!


Yes, it was posted by Infinite Flight on Instagram.


Amazing! It’s great to see the newer Spirit livery in the sim!


Bananabus! I can already feel my legs getting cramped