Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


GOL livery looks nice! I’m looking forward to fly with this livery once it’s already up


That new interface looks modern, I like it. I wonder if Cameron has had a part to play in that UI


I am in full awe! What an amazing livery for Southern American travel!


I feel this update is refining what is allready great (global), taking it to the next level.


My only words: OMG!


I love the new look of the ATC Interface. No more accidentally hitting the wrong command! Looks great. Keep up the great work FDS!


Really pumped for that new interface! Excited like it was my birthday coming up :) keep it up FDS and devs!


Turned out to be the 737 gol


Despite the fact SBFZ and KMCO are not in Australia


Did anyone else notice that for responding to an ATC command we now just have to hold the ATC button? Neat little feature!


Wow that looks so clean and intuitive! Can’t wait.


Wow so much can come out in a update, new buttons for ATC communications, new plane (CRJ family), other older plane livery, and different voices while communicating with ATC. It’s so amazing, but what happen to the landing smoke from the tires?


600 sentence

Wow this amazing it’s absolutely wonderful.


Seriously looking forward to this update! I love long haul flights but I’m looking forward to do short city hops! Loving the look of the CRJ


In updates I always love the small little improvements over the major things like liveries. The new ATC interface looks really nice. I can’t wait for this update.


I love all these new liveries, however I wish there could be South African liveries soon 😕. Although we will just have to wait and see…🙃.


Yes, It will be so much easier to respond to the ATC while on final approach without having to multitask. This makes it a simple move by just leaving it pressed while you manage the aircraft to the runway! :D


Yay! We got Gol! #GotGol? :)


Oh man I have been anticipating this for weeks! Can’t wait till it drops


Looks so good! Can’t wait.