Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Okay we’ve decided it’s the 900 so let’s stop bringing that up.


Here is a list of the CRJ family


Oh cool thx a lot bro😁😁😁


Here’s a video by Laura:

Looks like we have the CRJ-1000 in house colors and an improved ATC user interface (pilot side). I cannot wait for this update! Keep up the good work, team. :)


What’s up with those voices? A male and a female? Interesting… I’d like more information on that.


Interesting! That new ATC interface will take lots of getting used to.

Here is a paused picture of it:



That is really interesting different voices for pilot and ATC, a new interface, I can’t wait!


Australian voices as well mate.


It looks amazing and easier 😮😮


Yes no more accidentally hitting small buttons


Laura communicated to ATC with a woman voice, ATC (Solocup is a guy) responded with a male voice.

Could it be?


Another new livery for the 737-800… looking great!


Amazing! I’m glad they added this livery for South America!


That looks great for the b 737


The new ATC interface looks great!


They need to add SunCountry! I feel like they are leaving out this amazing livery. I have started a request on my page go and vote for SunCountry!


It’s amazing that this app and community keeps me excited like a little kid to this day. Nice to see everyone pumped up!


I love this livery!!! <3 <3 <3


Added GOL to the list! Beautiful piece of modern livery art!


Ever since I started IF I become more amazed everyday with how much they develop as a team and how much they develop IF to make it better for us rather we be AVgeeks, Pilots, or someone just looking for something to do. It is truly amazing to see how far they have come since the days when they first began to now where they are achieving the impossible making it possible. I truly can’t wait for this update and future updates they have in store for us.
-Daniel, flyer on IF since 2012