Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Laura testing some cross wind landing🌪
In the video above you can see the very responsive landing gear too!


Airfrance (by Britair) CRJ-1000 confirmed 👆👆


Wow! It just keeps getting better and better… looks so graceful gliding down in that wind.


JetBlue A321 confirmed!
@FlyFi, you’ll love this!


Yeahhh!!! Finally confirmed.


Ohhww. You were faster



Sorry I’m really excited, it’s freakin beautiful!


What has been already been posted


Yep sorry, I didn’t see 🙂


Wonderful, looks like a stunning physics model


The Jetblue a321 picture


That landing gear response is amazing! So excited for this update!


Who ready to fly the mint?


Look at how much the cargo doors stand out. Also is it just me or is there more detail in the latest liverys.


This update is just getting better each and ever day!!


I am very impressed and happy for this update. It keeps on getting better.


That cross wind landing was amazing! You definitely can’t do something like that with the current CRJ😂


This update will be exciting! I can’t wait to fly all these new different planes with different liveries especially the CRJ Family.


Can’t wait for that JetBlue A321! Just beautiful!


Infinite flight also hinted at adding the Alaskan airlines livery which is cool