Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Ahhh! It doesn’t have Delta Belly:((


From Tyler himself: " our older models did not allow for text on the bottom and would cause the text to render poorly. This is something that we have since accounted for in recent models that will also be implemented when those previous models like the 737 and 321 series are revamped."

For those of you wondering why there is no DELTA text on the belly


I really am glad FDS is taking the time to add more liveries to the already added aircraft. It is good to see they are looking into the demand and I hope to see more and more liveries to continue to be added as the simulator diversifies.


I thought this was a post about the CRJs not the A321s 🤦🏽‍♂️


Look at the title @LaroseRoyce



@FlyFi I can read… I thought it was just for the CRJ only, my bad! Can’t tell what else is coming yall just have to wait for the devs to reveal when they are ready!


Nope it’s for everything now confirmed for the next update, due to the recent developments it’s clear the CRJ isn’t the only new feature we will recieve.


I don’t really buy the whole text will mess up text thing on older aircraft


I highly doubt they would lie. It’s likely due to it not turning out as wanted due to the way the models were created.


There is no reasonable explanation for the missing delta belly


We don’t have to dig into the conspiracy theories. I am sure there is a valid reason :)


Alright guys. You know the drill. You guys have taken it to a new level and it needs to stop. The off topic, the posting of non-relevant photos is not what this topic has been intended for. If your reply is no longer there, its because I deleted it. Thank me later. 😉


Please only discuss the new features confirmed for this update, not why a certain feature was not implemented…


It should be directed to a PM.


Hello everyone!

We need to remember that this is a “Tracking Thread”, not a place to discuss things like text on the bottom of a plane…

Things we SHOULD be doing:

  • Talk about confirmed features (Don’t keep it going for years)
  • Post a picture of a new aircraft/livery (if someone hasn’t posted it already)
  • Ask REASONABLE questions of something you might be confused about

Things we should NOT be doing:

  • Ask/talk about unconfirmed features
  • Talk about random things that have absolutely nothing to do with this topic
  • Asking about release dates (Just don’t do that)

If we can keep following the basic rules, then we can keep this thread open. This can all be taken away in a second!

If you have a feature that you would really like to see, post it in #features. Please search before you post it though.

Thanks again,


I’m looking foward to this. I’ve said it before, they’ve put effort into it


Yeah, I’m just going to intentionally not put the Delta logo on it. The issue is that the Delta belly logo extends beyond the wing box making it impossible to add. I could scale it down but then people will complain about the sizing.


THAnk you for an explanation


To be honest, I think the logo being there would be better than it not, making it slightly realistic