Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


What a beautiful shot!
It’s clear that no detail has been overlooked in the rework of this plane.


Even the pitot tubes look amazing… With every new aircraft brings a new level of detail. This is the most beautiful picture of the CRJ so far.


I am going to name him, DeerCrusher 2.0

Sorry @DeerCrusher the original


Woohoo! United Virtual is going to be adding a new aircraft to the fleet soon! :)


What variant is it? CRJ-700?


@CR3W, yes that is a CRJ-700 in the picture above.


Awesome! Can’t wait!


In the recent photo of the confirmed United Express CRJ-700, there is a man which can be seen in the first officer’s seat, just like in the MD-11/DC-10! Confirmed feature in the CRJ :D


Oh yeah! Been waiting for that!


Wow what a gorgeous livery😍


That is beautiful! I was also waiting for a pilot!😅


When I saw that picture I honestly thought somebody put a planespotting picture on the wrong thread. That is purely stunning! All of the detail where the aluminum panels line up and are fastened together is just beautiful! Not to mention the detail o the engine casing and the grease stains on the wing box. I never imagine myself flying the CRJ much but now that I see photos like this I will fly it everywhere!

Also, just looked at one of the older screenshots from the rework and you can really see how much it has changed in the past couple of months.


The CRJ is going to be a wonderful addition to IF :)


Honestly blown away by the work and detail in theses models for the CRJ!

Now let’s hope the fingers on the pilots aren’t as freaky as the MD-11/DC-10 Pilots, because those things scare me!


I am going to guess it is Jerry


Looks like people have to say this everyday…

Please be responsible with this thread, it is a privilege to have this but it can be taken away at any second.


It’s beautiful amazing work.


If the devs don’t add the Kendell CRJ-200 I’m going on a riot


Really @AnsettAviatior?


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