Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Excuse me for expressing my opinion I’ll go home now.


This topic is for posting new, confirmed liveries for the CRJ rework. Not for requests and speculation. As you can see, this topic is already close to being closed. So, next time, just check to make sure it’s on topic and is something that will benefit the community. Thanks!


There’s a difference in expressing constructive opinions and whining. And your post had zero to do with constructive opinions or constructive critism.
Feel free to PM me if you have anything further to discuss.

Moving on.


Are they going to post all the liveries that they make here? Or do they only show some and the others are a surprise when the update comes out


Will the CRJ take as long as the MD-11 did? Or will it be quicker because the devs were also working on global at the same time as making the MD-11.


We cannot really tell, only the devs know about it.


Because also Laura said that she wanted to add more features beside just the crj in this update. (In a instagram post)


Well, they started working on the MD11, but then stopped because they wanted to concentrate fully on Global. After the Global update and after they had fixed some bugs, they started working on it again. So I personally think that the CRJ will take less since this is a rework and they have got a “base” to start with.


Are you kidding me. Please stop talking about the MD, speculation, or whatever because it makes it look like there’s more things being added. I’m only typing this because I don’t want anymore false hope.


I don’t think the current CRJ is going to be a base for anything. It’s far too outdated in almost every area. They aren’t just making changes to the old CRJ, they’re scrapping the old one entirely and starting from scratch. Just because it’s a rework of an existing aircraft that doesn’t mean it will take any less time.


Listen, this is a tracking thread… this topic was not created to talk about how long this update will take. Just so all of you know, a tracking thread is for…

  • Any official pictures released by Laura or the IF insta
  • Confirmed features with proof that these features are coming
  • Brief discussion about these Confirmed features or released pictures. Meaning 5-7 replies only…

It Is Not

  • A chat room
  • A place to spread false information
  • A place to talk about unconfirmed features
  • Anything else not stated in the it is for section.

Let’s act mature, smart, and comment when the time is right to avoid posts about not going off topic in the future. Thanks!


Another image of the Frontier JetExpress CRJ-700!



Finally a reply that actually has to do with this topic. Great! Looks beautiful.


So excited for this!!


Wow! Unbelievable, tremendous progress from the initial design. Still cant believe how far the devs have gone.


Yes! United CRJ-700 confirmed! That detail is stunning! Look at the inside of the cockpit!


Beat me to it. Dang it! Looks nice though! Love the United livery.


Also, I see a co-pilot!


Oh baby, she’s a beauty! 😍


And we have a pilot!


I wonder what his name is:-/