Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


No it isnt, TS controllers never had access to Atis in the first place. Don’t spread false rumors if you don’t know it for sure


I think for now assume ATIS is ifatc until told otherwise.


Note above. Thanks for correcting me. Now I know! :)


No the thread changed purposes if you reread the main post and many highlighted ones.


It says “CRJ Family Update”. It clearly states what the topic is about, the entire update that includes the CRJ family.


Oh I see now. Thanks anyway


Let’s stick to this for now


Gotcha. I had family visit me up in school for the weekend and thankfully don’t live here on the forums, so I definitely missed that.

Good day.


Yeah that’s how I feel about all the backhanded comments. Can’t be on these forums all day, I have a life :/

Feels just like Bimmer forums.


Will their be Generic Liveries for all of them


Most aircrafts usually come with the generic livery so most probably yes.


Ok yea I’m happy now


I see you have the Southwest Shamu livery on the the tracking thread. I’m pretty sure that was confirmed to NOT be coming. The devs said it has been sitting in the livery repository for years. I could be wrong, but look at Laura’s comments on the Instagram post. Pretty sure it’s not coming.


It’s confirmed- source: Laura’s instagram. Also the picture looks like the 700 because it only has one exit door, and I don’t recall hearing that southwest had and 800s painted in the shamu livery, only the 300s and 700s. So I think someone should change that.


Agreed. They have had this livery for a while. No one ever said it was coming. A picture of it doesn’t prove anything…


But surely some moderator or staff member would’ve pointed it out, right? It was one month ago but the link in the OP is still there…
Anyway, lets hope a staff member gets to us. No need to derail the conversation any more.


Chris is absolutely correct. Nico, moderators have already pointed this out quite a few times on this thread itself. The livery is not confirmed it will be released, apparently the livery has been available to devs and testers for a while now, but hasn’t been released. I would say this is safe to remove.


The mods are aware of it.

Those are of potential Livery releases and they may or may never be added but someone removed that message… :)


The high quality cockpit and wing flex is only confirmed for the CRJ. :)


This is Not the place for discussion and talking about what you hope is coming in this next update. Keep it to what we already know.