Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


They are working on beta


But Laura also mentioned other things to come before the CRJ such as ATIS and livery updates.

My point being unless your 100% sure on your facts than don’t create rumors or make assumptions.


Guys stop now. The beta version has just passed which means that the update has moved from alpha to beta. Give FDS time to make this update the best it can be.


Northwest livery? I like it! Thought it looked suspicious when I saw Laura flying a CRJ-200 towards San Fransisco.


I think this also applies here…


Just remember that if Laura is in a new plane/livery that you will NOT see it if you fly next to her.

She will show in a CRJ-200 regardless if its the 200, 700, 900, 350, concorde, or space shutte… Just sayin…


Better to put it as a plane that already exists in game


Already know that from my days of fighter escorting


Another shot of existing livery (HOP! CRJ-700) 😊


With the introduction of other features, this thread has evolved into the inclusion of other features in addition to the CRJ. We will continue to track the CRJ and other features in this thread.

We ask of you to please do not post pictures of Laura and/or testers on Live Flight or of you flying next to them on the server. This clogs up the thread and what you see is not the new version anyways.

Please help to keep this thread on topic by limiting discussion and requests. No livery requests, no speculation on dates, etc. Again, please keep this thread to CONFIRMED features.


Yay American Eagle livery has been confirmed!


I haven’t seen anybody post this. Photo of upcoming ATIS menu:

Source: Laura’s instagram


This is what the topic is about now.


So did I misinterpret this?



Everybody play nice. Stop getting flag crazy as the thread has been repurposed. Chill out and only post ON TOPIC posts about CONFIRMED features.


I’m wondering about the update schedule, I’m kinda confused. I don’t know if I’m allowed to ask this because of the saying FDS doesn’t say when updates are, but I’m wondering about how at the top it says other liveries won’t be included in the next update. I’m wondering will the liveries be added with the CRJ in the same update but there’s another update coming soon before the CRJ with bug fixes that will fix the bug making the engine sounds reversed?


Nobody knows exactly what will be included with an update until you see the release notes in the app store.

All we are doing in this thread is confirming features / liveriest / etc.


Iberia CRJ-1000 confirmed! We got the 1000 variant! 😄😄😄


That’s amazing!
Can’t wait to see this beauty in IF!
Did anyone catch the registration?