Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Not the place to be posting LiveFlight pictures. Even if it’s the CRJ you are tracking. CRJ pictures only.


Can someone add the american eagle CRJ to the wiki?


I just did. Do you know the registration


Northwest CRJ-200 confirmed! (that detail above the wings though)



Beat me to it, but thats a great livery also code is N839DA(Zoom into photo, 9 sorta looks like an r when you zoom in due to the photo being tooken from far angle)please correct me if im wrong


Nice! I will have lots of fun flying that on some Montana routes!


That looks pretty good! Can someone add it to the wiki?


I will unless ballonchaser beats me to it :)


I was hoping for them to add the 2005 Livery instead of the Bowling shoe. Guess it’ll have to do


WOW! I never knew the CRJ update was this far along! :)


I saw that they were in beta now too 😃
I can’t wait either.


WOW! That is CRAZY!


Looks amazing! I love the Northwest livery on that CRJ. I’m happy they added that livery


If we are in Beta, then I hope that we see many new confirmations on new liveries. So far we have about 10 confirmed liveries on all variants. Just an FYI

I also can’t wait to see what is after the CRJ rework


Don’t spread false information. Unless you were able to provide proof then please refrain from saying these things.


Let’s keep this topic about the CRJ Rework, not the next updates after it, please.


Everyone please read the title before posting. It’s about the CRJ, not anything else.


Keep this thread to confirmed items from instagram/twitter please. Yes there were many things talked about on various podcasts but theres no guarantee when those will be on the development schedule.



So wait, they have finished beta? Or they are working on beta?