Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


Ooo yesss I’m too excited for this aircraft


What liveries are confirmed?


Please, don’t lie about something, because it’s just attention seeking and shouldn’t be done especially in a tracking thread…

If there is a new confirmed livery, post a picture and don’t just state it. Good day.


If you don’t see it above, it has not been confirmed. Please do not post a question below asking about it.

See first post. This thread is not a place for requests.


I’m not sure, but this isn’t really the place to discuss that. This topic is specifically about the CRJ rework, not what routes the CRJ flies.

You could make your own topic about what routes they fly if you’d like, I’m sure the community would enjoy that.



Please see number 6 on this list.


A lot can happen with practice, and obviously IFDS has practiced :) thought the new model was a real photo at first. Lol


Definitely DL. I’ve flown enough CRJs to know.


Did you list ATIS yet?


Has that been confirmed for this update? Because it could come out after or before…


that’s great and all but let’s see how many people actually understand what is said in the atis


Here’s the Vid if needed:


This is the CRJ thread, not a general update tracking thread. There may or may not be additional features released at the same time that have nothing to do with the CRJ.

Let’s keep this thread related to the CRJ please.


That’s why I have a feeling this thread may need a bit more tweaking. Seems some more features unrelated to the CRJ are starting to pop up. I’ll leave that decision up to @Balloonchaser


Im up to changing it to “Bombardier CRJ Family Update Tracking Thread” and then add a sub heading for other aircraft confirm or something like that

Totally up to everyone else


That sounds good imo


Eurowings CRJ confirmed!


Wow it’s beautiful amazing.


The Eurowings is D-ACNN here’s the real one

Credits: Simon C Clough


Sounds like we have a long time to wait