Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


I love the wing details! They look so much better then what we have now:


Amazing!! :)

Are we confirming the United CRJ?


It looks like it, but we can’t be for certain


Is that confirmed now?


No, I think that’s the house livery.


It’s 100% not United. United’s winglet has a gold stripe at the base:

PC: @planesguy on YouTube


Possibly testing the new CRJ-900? Who knows…


Cleaning house…

New or old planes doesn’t matter as you will see what you have in your build. IE the old CRJ.

…move on… Back on topic.


Frankly I didn’t know which way the spawn pointed when I entered the server… and like I said I was only there 10 seconds or less.



The point is for everyone to use common sense when hanging out around devs. I know everyone is wanting screenshots and stuff or to be the first to say you saw them.


Possibly Delta?

Photo cred: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/SsMLaWOut0g/maxresdefault.jpg


We’ve already confirmed that that livery is indeed the Bombardier House Livery. You can see more about in the newly edited orginal post.


Looking good hope it comes soon


Hope it will have the 2017 or 2018 Flying Development Studios livery, am I correct in saying that the 2016 one on the 787 is the most recent one we have?


Well, we have the Infinite Flight Retro one that came with the DC/MD update. In terms of non retro, you are absolutely correct.


True though despite it being the newest one I would consider it the oldest one if that makes sense


Do always like the unique out of the box livery the devs give us in those


Whatever livery I like these little planes (many since I see so many of them at KPIT) so excited to have a good tail engine passenger plane since the current one is almoast unusual


The livery on the 787 is the Infinite Flight livery, not the FDS livery. But I really love it!
Until one has been confirmed we don’t know if there will be one or not, but it is a very nice livery and I hope they don’t overlook it.

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Thx I am super new to this (like 5min)