Update Tracking Thread (Bombardier CRJ Family, Liveries, Features, etc)


I can’t wait to fly some nose down approaches! (Best part of the CRJ imo)


I cannot believe how quickly all of this is going! Way to go Developers! And you too moderators!


Hopefully we see a few different variations of liveries in the coming weeks.


Hopefully indeed, I just can’t believe how far infinite flight has come with all the detail!


Looking good, can’t wait to fly it❤️🙂


I can’t wait to see all the new add-ons also it looked like the shadow was changed.


Generic CRJ-200 confirmed, source Laura’s Instagram


It’s beautiful! I flew on an Air Canada Express 705 not too long ago and it was so quiet!


Generic… What a surprise!


Well to be fair the current doesn’t have generic livery…


It’s also been added on every aircraft since the CRJ, I’m just sayin.


It’s still a pretty picture!


It looks beautiful! It’s great to have another variant confirmed.


It’s also the first CRJ-200 variant confirmed. Glad to see new variants coming too.


Generic or not, it is still a lovely picture and aircraft and livery


Looks good, might use it as a corporate livery.


CRJ-900 confirmed!
Source: Infinite Flight Twitter


Man what a beautiful plane and livery!


Wingflex is 😍.


Flying this beauty is gonna be so fun. Can’t wait to see American and United.