Update to Boeing Analog Clock(s)

On the next update, please strongly consider a retro fit
update to the Boeing Clock / Chronograph lower displays. These small details are actually big in terns of usable pilot information and overall realism in the virtual flight deck. This data is on the A320 series clocks already. Yes this info is available in other areas, but the existing clock window is blank, almost like a design oversight. For the many users that prefer to fly in the virtual cockpit and not with just the HUD , the more flight data present the better. Monitoring and noting elapsed flight time is important in real aviation.

Please continue to keep IF the “Gold Standard” in Personal Devises! The beauty is always in the details !

Again this is already a current feature in the A320 series.

Thanks !


Let me understand… You are requesting Boeing’s clock in Boeing planes, right?

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Mate, you can’t be serious with this,😂😂 guess its keeps the realism part.

I am serious, I am requesting that the actual fight time be displayed in the blank unused window on the clocks

The clocks already are in the 757 and 737
no clocks need to be added. The flight elapsed time is data already in IF. Zulu time is already displayed so the size and font type already exists. The A320 aready has this on the cockpit clock. It just needs to coded to show there. Its not a big deal to do this , it should be a a easy tweek, just a small cockpit change to existing data. Don’t waste your votes on it.

Just wanted a developer to maybe see this


If it’s so simple, there’s probably a reason it hasn’t been implemented, e.g. it isn’t actually that simple for whatever reason, etc. But it would be great! I would also use this feature.

I try not to make derogatory remarks in the community
and respect all users ideas and requests because everybody here has different ideas. So If you think my request is a joke and so funny…why comment ?

Elapsed flight time has its use in real aviation and
all data displayed on gauges and instruments are there for a reason.

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