Update time?

Is there an estimated time on when the update will be released? ❤️

Sadly, Infinite Flight does not give release dates or times as things can come up during development and push back an expected release date.

Best thing you can do is pay attention to all of Infinite Flight’s social medias including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And you can check for updates on the IFC via #blog and #announcements for information regarding updates.

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Dang, that’s alright I’ll enjoy what we have for now! Thanks. 🥲

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Probably! But it’s a secret 🤫

Ever since I joined the community in 2015 it’s always been the same: It’s ready when it’s ready. If they say “We’ll release it on insert date” and then something unexpected happens, they can’t release it on insert date and everyone will be disappointed. However, they did say that the A220 will come in 21.8, so that gives us a bit of an indication I guess 😊