Update the FPL marker!:) (Yes, the purple one we see on the map)

Not sure if this was ever requested before, but this is something I’d love to see change: a more realistic and live flight plan marker on the main map, that resembles the ones we see on FlightRadar24 and most aircraft seat screens. (That also follows the plane obviously wherever it goes) I’m sure with the upcoming map design it’ll look outstanding! Wouldn’t expect it for a while, but surely it could be a great concept!

The map is getting reworked already by Val and will include new features, some of them haven’t been told to the public. So the flight planning system could be getting an overhaul.

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I apologize. Will take notice next time!


The limit isn’t one per day. It can be 2 or 3.


Well it says more than two so you should be fine.

  1. Do not spam . More than 2 or 3 feature requests in a day is an abuse of the category

With all due respect sir, my previous request was a duplicate. This isn’t a big deal. My intentions were never to abuse any topic haha:)