Update the Copa Airlines Logo Letter Font

I would love to see this Infinite Flight!
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Pansys Rodriguez Barahona
Share your comments and thoughts about the livery!


Looks like they ripped off Continental and UnitedContinental


Tbh, It is 😂
I heard from Bruno their livery is influenced with Continental’s due to their “alliance” in the past


Isn’t this the same livery as we already have on the sim?

Nope, the one in Infinite Flight is the previous one ;)

But they look the same…

I think only the font differs abit.

The difference is the letter font…

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They actually rebranded our livery.

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Continental owned 51% of the airline so the just changed the livery.

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@BrunoC how could you catch this earlier?

Well, the current livery in the sim doesn’t really bother me, so I didn’t mind to post this earlier, but I’m glad that @SingaporeAirlines made this topic.

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I don’t like the new font…

IMO looks like Continental with different logos :/. In fact, I nearly mistook it as one!