Update the Cessna Citation X

Can the Cessna Citation X have an update? According to their website, http://cessna.txtav.com/citation/citation-x, Cessna says that it has a cruising speed of 528, ~530 knots, max speed of ~630 knots and a max altitude of 51 thousand feet. It is also regarded as the fastest civilian aircraft in existence. The in-game version can go up to a max speed of 430 knots and max altitude of 30 thousand feet. I was terribly disappointed when I purchased this aircraft. Please make the in-game aircraft more realistic. Thank you.

If someone is somehow able to attain these statistics, I wish to see picture proof.


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Thank you!

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I was able to reach FL510 and a cruising speed of 560 knots, nothing wrong with this aircraft at all.

You are not supposed to cruise at 560 knots though, you are supposed to cruise at around mach 0.81 for the CCX.

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I’ve never been keen about the spees but this…mmmmh is wrong according to my records which say i always cruise at FL350 always

one thing i have to say… fair enough you like this plane. but your so far off the truth what about the Concorde?

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I think he is only counting aircraft that are still in service.

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haha perhaps :p i shouldn’t complain about peoples english I’m german XD

If anyone should it should be Carson.

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Make sure you check ground speed and your Mach (not just the airspeed that’s displayed in the left strip of the HUD). If this is controlled well, FL510 can be reached in the current model.


Personally, the CCX and the 737 mark the start of the ‘top quality’ planes.

Just because a plane has a max alt doesn’t mean it can realistically get there.

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I’ve never had a problem cruising at FL410 with the CCX.

Okay, so I did some further testing and I have concluded that I have made a mistake. I confused ground speed and air speed (still an amateur, haha), and it is definitely possible to reach flight level 510 with M 0.94. So the speed and ability of the plane is correct, but now I understand the reason why this plane surprised me in the first place. The reason was because other larger planes, especially the Boeing 747-8 can easily reach airspeeds of 580 knots and up at and below flight level 350. When I reached FL350 with the 747-8, ground speed was M 1.88, nearly twice the speed of sound, and it’s the fastest airliner out of all of the ones that I own. So, the issue that actually needs to be fixed is not that the Citation X is too slow, but the bigger airliners are too fast.

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Well, you should never cruise that fast anyways…

I understand, but why is the 747-8 in this game even capable of reaching that speed?

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I’ve exceeded M1 in the 738 as well.

The 747-8 shakes when airspeed exceeds 620 knots, but the ground speed is 1.88 at 35 thousand feet, with an airspeed of 590 knots. The coding for speed is definitely incorrect for the big airliners.

You should only be cruising at about Mach .80 if I remember correctly.

yeah, but sometimes don’t you just wanna do weird stuff? LOL

Not really…

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