Update the app

I’m flying from Dubai to San Francisco on Sunday, if the buildings come Sunday do I have to update the game while I’m still flying or would the app crash. And if I don’t update the app would I still get the buildings?


I think when it updates, I don’t think it will automatically update the game. I think you have to go to app store or where you download the simulator and push the update button.


Updating an app will always reset it as it can modify all settings and aspects of the game, reloading the session in under a new model is impossible.

A navigation update for example is different, which streams data to the game and can be uploaded by changing the cache of downloaded airport tiles.


Hello Mayar!

Buildings are not coming out on Sunday.

However, I don’t think your game will crash though. If you update the game mid-flight then maybe it would crash.


Hi there!

As the others have said, the update will not release on Sunday. With that being said, when the update is eventually released, updating the app from the app store (when you’re ready to update) resets everything so the flight you have in progress would be terminated.

If you do not update the app, you will not recieve any features of the update (such as buildings) until you do update the app.

Once the release announcement has been made, a staged rollout is normal, meaning the update may not arrive in your app store straight away, so there is no need to rush to cancel your flight and update the app once the release has been announced.


Yes. If you wish to have buildings you will need to update the app manually or enable automatic updates in your specific store. The buildings will not appear without doing so