Update the A333 and A346

Please update the A333 and A346, they have old flight models and hardly any liveries.

-A346 Updates

Fix that damn nose pitch!


Cathay Pacific


Fix that damn nose pitch and the Swiss livery!


US Airways
American Airlines



For the A330-300, Qantas is needed.

Also for the A340-600, you forgot a couple of liveries.

-China Eastern
-Etihad Airways (Normal Livery)
-Mahan Air
-Hainan Airlines

That can bring the total number of liveries to 15! That would be amazing if they could finish off the rest of the A346 liveries!


Just saying even though I agree with this, you should probably make separate posts for each requests or move it to the general category (I would do the first)

Yes we need that Qantas a333…

I think the a380 also needs to be fixed while they’re at it. It doesn’t pitch down as much, but it eventually does at around 400kts (I think). Due to this I barely ever fly it…

400 knots IAS or ground speed?

If I recall correctly it IAS. (It’s been a long time since I’ve flown an a380)

One feature request per topic please.