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Hi, I was just wondering if there is a factor or sector or you can like suggest a subject for upcoming updates, as in like 3-D Airports that you love to see

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Well, you can always post a topic in #features if your community rank is high enough, and there is a feature you think will be useful! As for 3-D airport development, that crowd chooses which airports they want to develop. I’m not sure if airport requests are valid as feature requests (maybe someone else, or a developer can verify that?)

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All you need to know can be found here:


I think you’re mostly referring to actual in game feature but in case you’re mostly looking for 3D airports, that’s where you and your fellow airport editors are going to come in. There isn’t a way to directly request an airport to be made as all editors are individuals volunteering their time to making them, but if you’re interested in making one yourself, I’d suggest taking a look at this topic here…

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Oh that might even be a great idea. I’ll look into it

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