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So sometimes when I’m on infinite flight ATC tells me to do something but I can’t and I cant say anything about it so there should be an option in the misc messages that says unable for moments that you can’t do that thing but they Still tell you to.

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Well could you elaborate on what you mean? Never run into something like that. As well for approach there’s an unable button:)

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But only for that

There IS an “unable” button already.

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For approach only

Well, what else would you need it for?

When atc tells me to do something else but I can’t at that point

Iike what?

We’re asking what that would be.

What exactly can’t you do?

Pilot: “Request pushback.”
ATC: “Pushback approved.”

Pilot: “Unable.”


For example once I ran out of fuel and Atc told me to go around but I couldn’t. That’s just one example

Well did you announce low fuel?

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There’s a reason for that go around. And there’s also fuel warning option when extremely low on fuel.

I can’t… I’d that possible?

Well, you can’t run into the aircraft on the runway either 🤷🏼‍♂️


I have never seen a fuel option

That is possible.

Only if you have been airborne for more than 60 minutes

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I wasn’t airborne for that much time

Then plan your fuel better…? The sim even has an “Estimated flight time” for you to see.


Could you give us an example on what do you mean with the statement above? Is it the heading? Altitude change? Localiser? Visual Approach?

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