Update suggestion

So something I really don’t like is that when I’m an atc controller there’s always one person not following instructions and I can’t do anything about it at least let atc controllers like me report only if that person is doing something wrong

This should be in #features but since you’re not TL2 you’re not able to post in it. As others have said in your previous posts, keep reading, liking, being active, and follow the guidelines to achieve it.

Furthermore, are you referring to the training server? There’s nothing you can do because anyone can be ATC on the training server and can technically report everyone just to cause trouble. That’s why training server ATC are not allowed to punish others.

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what you said is true that’s why I say only if that person is doing something bad and I just got trust level

You cant judge people, IF you think someone does something bad, they will have arguments against you too. I agree we need more professional TS but it wouldn’t be a good solution.

There are plenty of topics on how to correct training server behavior. Just look through #features to find them, and perhaps vote for them. :)

I got all my account issues fixed so now it’s just waiting 5 days for my one report to go away and then try to be IFATC