*Update* Rudder ineffective during crosswind landings

I posted a question regarding why the rudder would be ineffective until the nose wheel touches down in this thread a while back.

Well, I recorded some video evidence in solo mode to hopefully get some more info. You can watch the video here, it’s in a 777 recorded from the HUD so you can see my rudder inputs. Any info or tips would be appreciated.

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The answer is the same as the ones you got on your previous topic. Nothing has changed, nor are there plans to change it, as far as I know.


Not an issue.

In addition to the responses that Z-Tube linked, part of this solution also requires you to add rudder input to take out the crab just prior to touchdown. When you hear the GPWS callouts begin, 50, 40, 30… you should start adding some rudder in at about 30ft so that your nose is pointed down the end of and parallel to the runway centerline. The only aircraft we have where the procedure is slightly different is the 757 where you add rudder right as mains are touching down.