Update request regarding color blind

I’m a color blind and as human ATC I’m having trouble determining which runway aircraft should land on. Especially: ATIS airport updates are processed instantly to the radio part, but users organize their routes with reference to the map, so there is difficulty in air traffic. It’s getting really hard for me to control it. my request; It can be a color blind mode or directly customize the colors of the radio conversations. You will understand better with photography:


The approach or departure runways are red as seen in the photo, but the opposite on the map. Because I can’t see the red color clearly, I can give wrong commands. I would be grateful if this issue is addressed. Thank you!


While a color blind setting would be great—and you can vote for it in the topic linked below—you don’t need the colors to determine which runway to send aircraft. In fact, you shouldn’t be using the colors at all in your decision making process. Use the METAR which provides the wind direction and speed to decide on the most suitable runway(s). Also linked below is a topic that details how to do this.


I don’t have a problem with the selection of runways, I want to tell you: I can’t see the names of the red runways in the radio messages, for example (I’m giving a landing permission to runway 27R instead of 27L), but thank you anyway, I will look at the texts you sent :)

Ah, I see. That makes sense. If the commands appear in the side bar, you can use them there. Definitely give that #features request a vote—it’d be a great addition.


Could you use the apple color blind mode to see it?

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