Update / Questions

  1. When will update come out?
  2. What is the ATIS?
  3. When do I use what lights during a certain time?
  4. Whats in the new update?

Thanks if you respond :)


  1. Who knows
  2. ATIS gives you airport information such as weather and traffic patterns and frequencies to contact. Always consult this before pushback it saves a lot of time.

3.landing lights and strobes go on when entering runway, strobes stay on until you exit runway. Landing lights stay on below 10000 ft. Becons and Navs stay on al the time unless in parking.

Automatic Terminal Information Service, or ATIS, is a continuous broadcast of recorded aeronautical information in busier airports. ATIS broadcasts contain essential information, such as weather information, active runways, available approaches, NOTAM, and any other information required by the pilots.

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How do I access ATIS?

You have to be an advanced controller.

In IF we replace taxi lights with landing lights so here’s how it goes:

At the gate, only have your beacon lights on. They are to be on whenever the engines are running (all the time basically).

Before you start your pushback, turn on you Navigation lights and landing lights.

If you are holding short at a taxiway to give way to someone else, it is recommended out of courtesy to turn off your landing lights. Just turn them back on when you start taxiing again.

Once you are entering your departure runway, turn on your strobe lights to signal that you are on the runway and about to takeoff.

Different countries have different laws, but generally you need to have all light ON below 10,000 ft. Once you pass that point you can turn off your landing lights and strobe lights.

Remember to turn your landing lights and strobe lights back on once you are below 10,000 ft. Continue your inbound and landing. Once you are on the ground and off the runway, turn off your strobe lights and taxi to the gate. Turn off you navigation lights and landing lights once parked at the gate.

Only beacon lights will be on at this point (until we have a way to turn off the engines)

Strobes should stay on at all times whilst airborne, unless there is a serious risk of HISL causing issues for others.

Could be. I’m not entirely sure. Landing lights definitely go off above 10,000 ft.

I would agree with that. Strobes definitely stay on throughout a flight and don’t come off until exiting the runway after landing.

Landing lights as noted by Swang007, so off above 10,000ft or FL100 and back on when descending through the same.

EDIT: just to add there is a nice discussion of use of strobes in this thread How to use the "strobe lights" correctly!

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