Update question

Do I need pro to see the update

You need pro for the A350.

You don’t need pro for the C172, but you won’t get the G1000 version, you’ll get steam gauge.

@The_Geniusman The app store is completely irrelevant to the OP’s question.


If you do not see the update, please restart IF.

The OP is not asking about updating the app.

Ok well since we’re asking questions I would like to ask one of my own. I was wondering if theres an option to have the menu layout of the previous update?
Reason I ask is because play on a phone and that layout was much easier. I was able to activate auto pilot without having to use two hands to effectively operate the menus.

I have ios

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See the highlighted post in this topic. What @Altaria55 said is correct. Without Pro you will not get the A350 or C172 with the G1000 instruments.

If you can afford it, PRO is totally worth it! Ton’s of aircraft and multiplayer activities you get to participate in. 😃

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@DeerCrusher yeah but I can’t afford pro last time I had pro was September

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