Update Question

Do the developers know the release date? I AM NOT ASKING FOR THE UPDATE, NOR THE RELEASE DATE. I just want to know if they know the date it will be sent to Apple, or if they are still working on some stuff. Thanks for the hard work guys, keep it up. :)

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Nobody knows when the update will come out. No even Apple or the developers.


Thank you for answering my question without screaming “STOP ASKING FOR THE UPDATE”.

No. Unless they do a beta or something, you will likely only hear about the release date when it is submitted for review. They may put something out a couple weeks before, but this will be a rough guide.

If you bothered to search the forums, you would’ve seen a topic I made about why the devs don’t know

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Last time I checked IFFG couldn’t read the devs minds. Take this with a pinch of salt.

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Oh. Maybe I was wrong. What white loading screen?

They did have something updated on fixing bug issues…not really an update but at least its something