Update: Qantas Will Operate 747 Farewell Flights + Qatar To Retire 777s by 2024

Now Qantas has officially retired the Boeing 747 from service… but wait.

A few days ago, Qantas confirmed it has retired the Boeing 747. Previously, everyone thought they were retired on March 29, 2020, but Qantas stated there was a possibility of returning the 747 service.

However, this is no longer the case as they will be “retiring the six remaining 747s immediately, six months ahead of schedule”.

Although Qantas says they have six remaining, there’s technically only one left in Sydney, VH-OEJ, which had the “Wunala Dreaming” livery in the picture above before being repainted to a standard Qantas livery years later. VH-OEJ is expected to ferry to Los Angeles and eventually the desert.

As a result of the early 747 retirement, there will be around 1,900 job losses in addition to more job cuts.

Along with this, Qantas will defer its upcoming deliveries for the A321neo and more 787s.

However, Qantas will operate several Boeing 747 farewell flights in a few weeks.

The airline will operate three-hour long scenic flights out of Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra.

More details and ticket sales are expected to be announced next week.

Seats will be available for sale in Business/Economy. Premium Economy will be reserved for employees.

Older Info: Qatar Airways will retire all 777-200LRs and 777-300ERs by 2024.

Qatar Airways’ CEO Akbar Al Baker has revealed plans to retire the current passenger 777s over the next 3-4 years.

Qatar Airways has 48 Boeing 777-300ERs and nine 777-200LRs in its fleet. These will be replaced by the airline’s orders for 60 of Boeing’s new 777X.

The 60 777X orders will act almost as a one-to-one replacement:

  • 48 777-300ERs replaced by 50 777-9s.
  • 9 777-200LRs replaced by 10 777-8s

This decision is somewhat surprising as Qatar Airways took delivery of its newest 777-300ER in July 2018, meaning the aircraft will be retired when it’s just 6 years old. Additionally, Qatar Airways has been refurbishing these 777s with their new Qsuite, so it’s interesting to see Qatar have the seats on the 777s for just several years.

Qatar’s oldest 777s were built in 2007 meaning they will have flown 16-17 years upon retirement. These aircraft will likely find new life in the second-hand market since they’ll be fairly new when retired.


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Now this marks the end of an era for Qantas. Previously, there was some hope of seeing the 747 return, but it’s all gone. As for Qatar Airways, there’s still four years left, assuming the decision stays.


I was waiting for this to happen, knowing that it would. Thanks for letting the community know, this is a read for everyone, being 3 of the most famous fleets retiring.


wow thats just sad

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F for the Qantas 747, they were actually scheduled to fly them again to the US in April due to high demand and the fact that they were suspending Brisbane and Melbourne from San Francisco.

Also, Qatar’s CEO says a lot of things that aren’t always true so I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t retire the 777 in 2024. Their most recent 77Ws were delivered in 2019, and I find it unlikely they’ll retire it after 5 years (especially after spending so much to retrofit them with the Q-suite).


I would imagine that these B77W’s are of high value used still, other then that I see no reason to justify early retirement of said aircraft.


I was about to say that’s ludicrous that they would scrap fresh 77Ws . Important part of their fleet imo and it’d be much better to have them operate along side the 77X for a while given how new they are. I guess it’s somewhat similar to Delta given their 772s are both pretty old and being replaced. The 77Ls and 773s on the other hand seem controversial in many aspects.

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Oh this is so sad! And @Ishrion my friend told me that the Qantas B747 last flight is July 24th!

If Qatar does retire those 77W’s, some Cargo airline is going to have a very good time after acquring them

I am hoping so much they use the 777-8 in the route DOH-GRU-EZE that passes above my house…

I think it’s earlier than that but I don’t know for sure. I thought the last one was next week, SYD-LAX-MHV, but maybe they have some more to ferry.


I’m shocked by the idea that they will retire the 77W in the next four years, I bet they will still get a pretty penny in the resale market, but still, I know Qatar is phasing them out with the 77X and 350, but still, very surprising, those aircraft seem like they should still be more or less in there prime…


Happy Emirates Noises

Executive Traveller says the final one will ferry next week.

Here’s three that were ferried to Mojave earlier this year:


Well we all knew the QF 744 was going…but the QR 77W? Really? Would not have expected that at all.


That’s a depressing sight

This is just sad but the news about the 777 being retired is even sadder.

Here’s the official press release:


On top of this, Qantas’ CEO said the A380s will be stored for at least the next three years.

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Why won’t Qantas use the A380s either? It’s still a new plane.

Not enough demand to fill the aircraft. If they resume long-haul flying, it’s better to use the 787-9s and A330-300s with less capacity.

I agree with what you said but if Qantas is using the A330s and 787s more (counting other planes in their fleet), does that mean Qantas doesn’t like the A380?