Update problems

Hello, l need some help. After the last update 2 days ago, the simulator does not run smoothly, actually nothing works properly. Can i do anything myself? I use a samsung tab a and come from germany (if that might be important)


Just be patient and try restarting your device. The server is very overloaded, for most people it has nothing to do with their device.

@lucaviness is totally correct. Currently, the server is being restarted and hopefully this will solve some of your issues. Other issues have been noted by the Infinite Flight Developer and Staff Team and they will be fixed ASAP!

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Your not the only one, before the A350 update came out they had a second update a couple of days maybe weeks later.
I had a flight from Zagreb to LHR and just when I arrived to the English Airspace every went south that even the app crashed, also it would be lagging a few times.


Ok, l thought maybe it was because of my device and the wifi connection. But before the update there were no problems because that can’t be. I just wait and start again tomorrow. Thanks for the information.

Edit: l hope my englisch was reasonably good and understandable so that no one had to guess what l write and what l mean. It’s been a long time since l last write in english. ;))

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Yup. Your English is actually quite well. Good on you mate!

Before you sign off for the night, try to restart your app and device and then spawn in at CYWG (or some airport in the middle of nowhere) and see if the issues that you were facing are still occurring. The lag has certainly eased up throughout the day and the servers are currently running fine. Just curious to see if it’s still fixed or not on your side.

Hi @Jerome_B75 !

Due To The New 20.1 Update, Everyone wants to play. of course this can not happen to everyone, but if you are lucky enough to spawn in, then chances are your FPS will drop down, and you will most likely to lag out. Please be patient as the dev team is working in to it. :)

-Julian K.

i got a tab a too but i never use it because it is too crappy. i also livein berlin and i hate the wifi over here.

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Aus Berlin, ist ja quasi um die Ecke. Aber ich kann nicht Bestätigen das dieses Tab a beschissen ist. Hatte noch nie Probleme. Ich werde einfach abwarten.